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Sit-In Orchestra


Miha’s signature offering, the Sit-in Orchestra, shakes corporate, political and cultural audiences into a more awakened consciousness and resolve for action.


Ignite the core of your organisation with the Sit-in Orchestra

If Miha’s solo Masterclasses are an entry point for all to attend, the « Sit-in Orchestra » is for those Leaders and Teams that hear the call to become the Change Makers in their industries.

Experience the real thing.

Revel in surround immersion with musicians and audience sitting next to each other.

Appreciate Miha’s musical leadership teaming up with Conductor and Orchestra.

Absorb classical masterpieces deconstructed for sustainable business solutions.

Discover the memorable process transfer between Music and Business igniting creativity.

Applaud Miha Pogačnik’s 40 years of research, artistry, business acumen & expertise.

Enjoy the beauty of exceptional venues with natural acoustics.

Get optional in-company follow-up and implementation.

When Art is the sponsor in Politics & Business.

The « Europa » Sit-in Orchestra, Miha’s signature offering, is for EU Institutions in Brussels and Worldwide, European Capitals and selected Cities of Culture ready to address burning European issues on a pragmatic level without losing sight of European ideals. Up to 200 guests representing different spheres of society are invited to sit amongst the musicians in surround immersion in an exceptional venue of natural acoustics. Similar to the Business version of the Sit-in Orchestra, Art is introduced in the decision-making process of Politics and becomes the driving force for the composition of European society. Following Miha’s exquisite musical leadership in tandem with the orchestra, participants engage in productive conversations. Together they actively and passionately define the unique contribution of a given region or country towards European Identity, Ideal and Economy.
In the past, Miha’s Artivism has already reached with the « Sit-in Orchestra » capitals of Balkan countries such as Skopje, Tirana, Pristina, Sarajevo as well as Ljubljana in the spirit of defining their unique cultural contribution to the EU. His ongoing major projects include « Europa, unfinished masterpiece, a journey towards polyphonic European identity » and « Terra Parvizal, a prototype model of European Regional development ».

The « Orchestrating Business Innovation » Sit-in is a special format aiming to « remarry » the local Corporate activity with the Symphony Orchestras in cities across the USA way beyond « sponsorship ». The fundamental idea is to ignite a creative relationship between self-funded Orchestras striving for new business models and leading Companies in search of innovative organisational and leadership trainings for their Executive Leadership.  
Everything is similar to the classic « Sit-in Orchestra ». The only difference is that Miha establishes a brand new template between Business and Art at a city level that works both ways: Art sponsors Business - Miha teams up with the local city Symphony Orchestra in an exclusive musical leadership experience and repositions its role to promote innovation and sustainable Business solutions tailored to local Corporate needs. Business sponsors Art - up to 200 Senior Executives, Board Members, HR, Political Observers, Transformation and Change Leaders representing the local Economy financially sponsor the event and sit amongst the city musicians in a memorable and transformative surround immersion. Debriefing follows for the value created for the Companies, Orchestra and Community at large.

How it works

All On-Request Events use the Miha Method with
add-on bonus sessions as part of a bigger client event.


SIT-IN Orchestra
INNOVATION Sit-in Orchestra


Up to 200


Upon Application
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London, Vienna, Venice, Zurich,
Terra Parzival


Venue with natural acoustics, flexible seating, no stage.Orchestra and celebrity Orchestra Conductor of our choice, Violin Solo & Method by Miha.

Why the Sit-in Orchestra
makes a difference

Emotionalise burning issues in your company for sustainable results.

Only knowing what needs to be done does not empower you to implement it. This is where external Change Consultants are often limited. The very act of sitting inside an orchestra is in itself a direct, active and empowering experience. Through Miha’s...

The Sit-in Orchestra is for those organizations that want to give their Leadership Team the impulse to implement the necessary changes. In combination with the Miha Method, it is a polyphonic experience where it becomes very clear for...

Imagine your Team sitting in the middle of an Orchestra. While being immersed in a fine-tuned emotional architecture Miha suddenly halts the whole room of Musicians. Pausing the musical flow is so intense it literally cuts the air. Everyone...